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Core advantages of Marriott

Release time:2021-05-24 Source:Dongguan Yihao sewing equipment Co., Ltd

The products are sold at home and abroad
"Yihao sewing machine" has a high reputation in the pattern machine industry.
Our business is all over the world, and our products are exported to Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.
Actively communicate with customers at home and abroad to solve problems in the production process.
Production proposal and customized service
Yihao sewing equipment is committed to R & D and production of customized solutions.
After your demand response, our company will calculate the production demand of your enterprise.
Free to provide you with equipment solutions for you to solve equipment procurement problems.
Excellent performance, effectively improve production efficiency
The operation of the equipment is simple, and the operators can be proficient after five minutes of training.
No need for professional training, reduce dependence on high paid skilled sewing workers.
The single station production efficiency is increased by 3-8 times, which greatly improves the production output and reduces the labor cost.
High quality equipment, high efficiency production
Yihao sewing machine adopts high quality parts.
The company has more than ten years of experience in the production and sales of automatic sewing equipment.
With advanced sewing machine design concept, ensure the high standard and durability of the equipment.
Saving production cost
The core parts of Marriott adopt international standards, with strong stability.
According to the sewing data, the machine parts wear rate is low.
Reduce the waste of raw materials, save production costs.
Professional R & D team
Continuous communication with customers to improve equipment performance and efficiency.
Professional procurement, selection of international high standard spare parts, ensure the high performance and high efficiency of the equipment.
Yihao excellent team, think of customers, the whole process to provide customers with better service.

RealName:Liu Li





Address:Tangxia Industrial Zone Gaobu town Dongguan Guangdong



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