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Notes on the use of computerized sewing machine

Release time:2021-05-24 Source:Dongguan Yihao sewing equipment Co., Ltd

Before using the computer needle car, please clean up the computer needle car. Clean up the dust accumulated during transportation. Confirm whether the set voltage is correct and whether the power plug is properly plugged in. In addition, when the power specifications are different, please do not press the red power switch to start the computer needle car and let it work to prevent the computer box from burning.

Computer needle car is a machine which uses two wires (bottom line and surface line), and the needle of the needle and spindle boring are staggered to form one or more thread marks on the seam material, which makes one or more layers of sewing materials interweave or sew up. The computer needle car can sew and other fabrics and plastic, paper, handbag, magic card, leather, textile, leather, leather, luggage, shoes, belt, watch belt, golf sports rest equipment and other products. The stitching marks are neat, beautiful, flat and firm, and the sewing speed is fast and easy to use. At the same time, it can improve the status of enterprise image, such as the customer needs to inspect the factory, inspect the production capacity and equipment status of the factory management level. Now many major accessories customers of product brands have designated the use of needle line and pattern. So owning a computer needle car is also one of the corporate images. When the sewing machine of computer needle car is running, the following points shall be paid attention to:
1. In order to prevent personal accidents, do not put your fingers near the needle when you turn on the power supply and the computer car is running
2. In order to prevent personal accidents involved in the machine, do not put fingers, hair, clothes near pulley, V-belt, motor, or put things on the machine during the operation of computer vehicle
3. In order to prevent personal accidents, please do not put your fingers in the cover of the thread pick-up bar during the operation of the computer needle car
4. In order to prevent personal accidents, please do not operate the computer needle car under the condition of removing belt protective cover, finger protector and other safety devices
5. In order to prevent personal accidents caused by sudden start-up, please turn off the power supply when you release the needle car, or when removing the belt cover and V-belt
6. In order to prevent personal accidents, when dropping the needle car or returning to the original position, pay attention not to hold hands
7. Please do not wipe the machine head surface with paint thinner
8. In the operation of computer needle car, the rotating shuttle rotates at high speed. In order to prevent the hand from being hurt, please do not put your hand near the spindle during operation
9. Never run the computer needle car when there is no needle car oil in the oil tank

RealName:Liu Li





Address:Tangxia Industrial Zone Gaobu town Dongguan Guangdong



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