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Basic information about overlock sewing machine

Release time:2021-05-22 Source:Dongguan Yihao sewing equipment Co., Ltd

Sewing machine also known as the side car, code edge machine, generally divided into three lines, four lines, five lines. The main function is to prevent the sewing head from getting hairy. The sewing machine can not only be used for edge binding, but also used to sew T-shirt, sportswear, underwear, knitting and other fabrics.
The stitching can be divided into single line, double line, three thread, four thread, five thread and six thread.
1. single line sewing is a single needle and one thread trace, mainly used to sew the edge of blanket;
2. double needle sewing is single needle double line stitch, mainly used for sewing elastic parts such as the sewing of elastic fir bottom
3. the three thread sewing is single needle and three thread trace, which is commonly used in general knitting clothing, especially for some low-grade clothing pieces;
4. four thread sewing is a double needle four thread trace, which increases one needle line than the three-wire sewing, and the strength has been improved. It is used for sewing or stretching more pieces of high-grade clothing, and the parts with strong friction, such as shoulder closing sleeve, etc., especially the sewing of coat
5. five thread sewing is a double needle five thread trace, whose fastness and production efficiency are further improved, and the elasticity is better than that of four wire stitching, and is often used for sewing coat and mending underwear.

RealName:Liu Li





Address:Tangxia Industrial Zone Gaobu town Dongguan Guangdong



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