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Compared with ordinary sewing machines, the advantages of computerized pattern machines are reflected

Release time:2021-05-22 Source:Dongguan Yihao sewing equipment Co., Ltd

1、 High degree of automation and intelligence
The computer pattern machine can automatically carry out the set sewing work after detection and feedback according to the change of conditions in the sewing process. Such as: laser or infrared clothing positioning, automatic edge sewing, automatic tension adjustment of thick and thin sewing thread, automatic speed change, automatic torque change, automatic thread cutting, automatic needle mending, automatic presser foot lifting, man-machine dialogue, user programming, practical tracking of sewing process, etc.
2、 It can complete some functions that ordinary sewing machines can't
For example: automatic stop position, automatic stitching technology, automatic reinforcement sewing, automatic sewing embroidery, automatic color change thread, slow start, image transformation, pattern zoom, pattern rotation, additional sewing origin, function display and other functions.
3、 The application scope of sewing machine is expanded
Computer pattern machine can simplify the work that ordinary sewing machine is difficult to complete, and can use one machine to complete multiple processes.
4、 Reduce the application of mechanical parts
Because the computer car adopts the computer control, the original movement that needs to be implemented by the mechanical mechanism is replaced by the motor, reducing a large number of mechanical parts. The motion and structure are simplified.
5、 Labor saving operation
Because of the high degree of automation, the computer pattern machine can reduce the difficulty of operation. Just press the "start key" or pedal to work, or even fully automatic work.
6、 High sewing quality
Because the whole process is completed by electronic control, the stitching of batch sewing materials by computer car is exactly the same, with good consistency and high quality.

RealName:Liu Li





Address:Tangxia Industrial Zone Gaobu town Dongguan Guangdong



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